Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Live in a Stupid City! 3 murders & 12 Shootings During MLK Murder ban

To mark the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's death, local geniuses Earl Ofari Hutchinson and Eddie Jones proposed a 40-hour "ban" on murder. I'm not kidding. Eventually, common sense won out in a 13-0 vote for a resolution that adopted a kinder, gentler condemnation of violence. (still not kidding)

If I am not mistaken, murder is already a relatively serious crime that usually entails jail time and death in many states. I am glad my hard earned tax dollars are supporting mindless symbolic statements against something that is already a crime. While they were at it, why didn't they suggest making any murder committed during this time a "Hate Crime" and triple the normal sentence for this 40 hour period? (I shouldn't give them any ideas for the 50th anniversary!)

Meanwhile, the LAUSD recently spent time passing a resolution boycotting Four Points Sheraton LAX.

Doesn't the school district have pressing education related issues they should be tackling?

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Elizabeth said...

I applaud LAUSD’s support for workers’ rights. Labor rights are human rights.
Actually, this may be very much connected to the “education related issues” that you mention in your post. District bureaucrats are trying to form a coalition with parents and teachers to contest Schwarzenegger’s proposed $4.8 billion in cuts to California public schools. This means a $460 million loss for LAUSD.

LAUSD is asking these parents, many of whom work in low-wage service jobs, to support its cause. To make friends in a time of need they’re saying “hey! We can help you out too!”