Sunday, August 5, 2007

iPhone Graffiti

After playing with an iPhone at an Apple store for about 45 min, I would like to see a stylus and Graffiti text input on future revisions of the iPhone. I love the full size screen and LACK of a hard keyboard, but I miss the Graffiti from Palm OS and the Newton.

I know Apple took a lot of guff for handwriting recognition back in the 1990's on the Newton. There was even a Simpsons jab featuring the Newton. Palm came along and improved things with Graffiti (I believe Xerox may have actually invented Graffiti and hence Palm has abandoned it with the current Treos).

As with most tech items, it seems I am in the minority of adopters of Graffiti. I use Mobile Write on my Treo 700P and mostly love it. If Apple took this concept and improved upon it and added a five way nav button in place of the home key, iPhone would be a much nicer device!

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