Monday, February 18, 2008

Turkish Knight Rider & GITT

Now that the real Knight Rider is back, albeit without Turbo Boost, I was searching around the InterWeb for my KR fix. These commercials are brillant! There are several out there and when I track down more translations I will post them!

Translation: BY OYUMURTACI (I found the translation through Jalopnik)

Cem Yılmaz: What's this guy doing man? Flash him the sign!
GITT: He's on the right bro. (yes ağabey/abi means older brother, but used in the slang context 'bro' here).
Cem Yılmaz: Looky looky looky...
Cem Yılmaz: Open that thing let's see what he has to say.
Douche: You keep screaming 'OPET OPET' in the commercials but so far we ain't seen nothing from you Mike.
Cem Yılmaz: O RLY. (ok that was admittedly my touch)
Douche: Give the car the credit it's due, step on it!
GITT: Here's the crowbar.

Cem Yılmaz: Don't play his game, put that away.
GITT: I think he's crazy.
Douche: You're fake-ass dreamer man, I can take those keys from ya.
Cem Yılmaz: We'd like to see young people like you on the tracks.
Douche: Enough with the socially responsible messages, I'm tellin you I'll get those keys from you Mike. Don't go crying OPET afterwards though.
Cem Yılmaz: Follow me then...
Track announcement: The race will begin shortly, please remove your children from the track.
Douche: You just had to emphasize OPET here didn't you.
Cem Yılmaz: Looky here, let's fill you up with some Full Force too, or you'll be crying at the end.
Douche: These shenanigans stink of advertising Mike, there's no need for this.
Cem Yılmaz: Wait for me at the finish line. Now you're gonna see advertising for ya...

(Dials labelled: Gas (as in LPG which is very widespread here in Turkey), Wheat, Bran, Full Force)

At the end of the race:

Douche: The asphalt cried for mercy man.
Cem Yılmaz: No spinning, no spinning (as in spinning the foosball rack, usually a direct indicator of über foosballness. If you spin the players to hit harder, you're a zit that needs popping) Hey plush you made it! 5 to nothing (to the mechanics). Get this guys keys and put his ride next to the other victims.
Mechanic: Excuse me sir.
From the bleachers: Give the car the credit it's due!
Cem Yılmaz: He's talkin to you.

BY OYUMURTACI AT 02/15/08 10:49 AM

Translation, just because there are small nuances that kinda make it even better:

Cem Yılmaz: Darn that toilet was so clean I couldn't bear to use it. Open your own door alreay...
GITT: There's a new mission bro.
Cem Yılmaz: Alright lets see it. Shove it GITT (he actually says 'bastır git' which could be considered polite profanity for 'fuck off').
Cem Yılmaz (reading the list): 1 Kilo mincemeat, 2 kilos of potatoes, 40 watt bulb.
GITT (in a questioning tone): 40 watt?
Cem Yılmaz: Cherry tomatoes, buy these from Migros (grocery chain, comparably probably to Wall Mart/K Mart in the U.S.) what the hell is this?
GITT: Isn't this supposed to be an OPET commercial?
Cem Yılmaz: Yeah.
Cem Yılmaz: Basket mode GITT.
GITT: Not on the first adventure man...
Cem Yılmaz: Well what, should I become a basket?
GITT: Fine, here!
Cem Yılmaz: Easy, no turbo. No turbo. You go for the mincemeat, I'll get the rest.
Cem Yılmaz: Cherry tomatoes, potatoes, and I'm Mike.
Cashier: Do you have a Migros Club Card mister Mike?
Cem Yılmaz: Let me see, heh heh heh.
Cashier: You can use the points that you have accumulated from this purchase when buying gas from OPET.
Cem Yılmaz: OPET? If this stuff turns into gas at OPET, let's make the potatoes 5 kilos heh heh heh (cheesy craptastic attempt at hitting on the cashier, hence GITT drives away).
Cem Yılmaz: The car's gone. The car was borrowed man.
Voiceover: Win points at Migros, spend them at OPET. Win points at OPET, spend them at Migros.
Cem Yılmaz: We're coming from Migros, gonna buy some gas. Give a hand to these friends of mine. Everyone get their favorite gas! Did you see a black car come through here? Talking? Red lights?

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