Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ROCK THE VOTE: Slingbox for Android, NOW!

I imagine you were as shocked as I was that Google didn't take the bull by the horns and come out swinging with its Android App Market. What better way to arrive on the scene than offer something Apple has put the kibosh on? Apple likely sees Slingbox as a threat to Apple TV or their rumored DVR efforts.

Sling has already shown a "Proof of Concept" at the WWDC (well actually in a back alley next to a Starbucks).

The question is, Why wouldn't Google "encourage" Sling to come to the Android platform?

Enough with the speculation, Tell Sling yourselves! Vote on their feedback forum. There are currently only 12 votes for Android versus 228 for iPhone. Make a difference! ROCK THE VOTE!
11/19/08 Update: There are now 255 votes for SlingPlayer on the Android platform! It is the 3rd ranked idea! Sling has yet to review the idea, but I did have a visit today from an IP inside Google Corp! Hopefully they will push Sling into action!

11/3/08 Update: You have moved the needle! There are currently 84 votes on the Sling feedback forum for Android support. They have not started to review the idea, but it is the #6 idea and has been the top "hot" idea for the past couple days. is still in beta and will launch soon. Please keep voting for Android Slingbox support. If you have a beta account, please login when you vote.


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