Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hey "Sandwich Artist" Would you eat a sub with that much mayo?

I am so fed up with the so called "Sandwich Artists" over at Subway that drown your sub in Mayo and Mustard. When they actually make subs to eat on their breaks, do you think they are clamping down with a death grip on those plastic bottles?

Is Subway's corporate office scheming to force the franchises to purchase more Subway branded mayo and mustard? When they go "lite" they only squeeze down until it sputters once. Regular application merits multiple sputters per sandwich.

The upside of all this is I have been forced to convert to using oil and vinegar on my sandwiches. This is both healthier and tastes much better.

Thanks alot "Sandwich Artist"!


Elizabeth said...

The sandwich artists at your local Subway did you a big favor by grossing you out with all that mayo. You're much better off without that crap on your sandwich.

the wolf said...

I like the oil and vinegar and find it to be a healthier and tastier alternative! I also like balsamic dressing on my salads these days.