Sunday, April 27, 2008

Audi's Desperate Product Placement

Ok, so all the mainstream comic books have already been made into moderately successful franchises (Batman, Spiderman and Superman). Then came the lesser known properties from Marvel's stable (Ghostrider, Some guy with a target on his forhead, the Fantastic Four, etc)

Now the basement of Marvel has been mined for another script to be made into a semi-successful "blockbuster".

Audi decided to pony-up big time for the long build-up to the movie that started with a Superbowl ad that briefly shows an R8 in Ironman's garage that is filled to the brim with exotics.

The R8 is an incredibly beautiful and rare car that does not need to be marginalized by an appearance in a crappy comic book movie. Hopefully they are contractually protected if Robert Downey Jr. decides to have another meltdown before this film opens.

Edit: I just discovered Jon Favreau directed Ironman. I loved Swingers & Made and hope the film does well for him although I am still over Marvel live action movies...

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