Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grocery Store Rules of Engagement

During these trying times of political turmoil, can we come together as a country to define proper check-out lane etiquette?

I am sick and tired of being glared at when I don't invade someone's personal space, push them aside, and grab the rubber divider so the clerk will stop scanning items like an automaton after the 30th bottle of baby food and then reach for my case of Hefeweizen and a box of cereal. I have a look about me that exudes cereal and beer and I am confident the clerk will pick up on these traits.

If you are someone that needs the extra security a rubber check-out divider provides, it is solely your responsibility to locate and position said divider. Don't glare at me when I nonchalantly place my gallon of milk on the conveyor without a divider. I fully understand the risks involved.

So America, Remember, It is your responsibility to place the divider in front OR behind you.

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Asalie said...

Thanks for writing this.